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All transphobic cissexuals rape trans women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artefact, and appropriating this body for themselves. […] transphobic cissexuals merely claim not to possess the most obvious means of invading women, so that they seem non-invasive.

The cissexually constructed, transphobic lesbian-feminist feeds off trans woman’s true energy source, i.e. her woman-identified self. It is she who recognises that if female spirit, mind, creativity and sexuality exist anywhere in a powerful way it is here, among lesbian-feminists and queer women of all stripes.

I contend that the problem with cissexualism would best be served by morally mandating its supremacy over other gender experiences out of existence.

Janice Raymond, “The Cissexual Empire”, a pointed critique of cis identities and their attempt to reign over other gender identities and destroy trans people. (via rebelpachelbel)

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